Corporate Event Management 2016

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ThinkTank Training
Corporate Event Management 2016

The program

8.30        Registration and welcome coffee


  • Establishing event objectives, desired outcomes and metrics for success
  • Identifying your prospective attendees – who will come, and why?
  • Creating the event plan – including scope, event components, venue and date selections, and timelines
  • Project management tools and techniques
  • Planning your resources, including budgeting and human resources
  • Creating event themes, brands and tools to ensure your event is recognised and memorable
  • Developing a contingency plan, and how to establish a realistic go / nogo decision framework

10.30     Morning coffee break


  • Determining your ‘rate limiting steps’ – the tasks which much be completed first to ensure your project runs to time and budget
  • Some time management techniques to help you cope when you have a busy PA / EA schedule
  • Working with suppliers, how to get the best quotes, how to ensure you are getting what you need and nothing you don’t, and how to build win/win relationships with key suppliers
  • OH&S and insurance essentials – making sure you’re covered
  • Hints and tips for getting your Audio Visual requirements right
  • How to become a contract expert – for bands, speakers, entertainers, venues and AV
  • Tried and tested techniques for finding the ultimate guest speakers – without breaking the bank
  • The right way to invite attendees to your event, including ‘customer service’ techniques to ensure your attendees are equipped with everything they need to know
  • Communicating and updating guests / attendees in advance of the event
  • Choosing the right catering – balancing dietary requirements with choice and budget
  • Keeping within budget at all times and how to avoid costly blow-outs
  • Planning, motivating and scheduling staff to run the event
  • Developing a watertight runsheet

12.30     Lunch


  • Creating a seamless experience for all in attendance – regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes!
  • Managing your time and priorities on event day to ensure you’re not run off your feet and are confident and in control
  • Ensuring all suppliers and stakeholders are well briefed and know exactly what their roles and responsibilities are
  • Distributing runsheets and briefing staff well in advance
  • Hints and tips for public speaking in the event that you need to open or close the event – knowing who to thank, how to introduce guest speakers, properly acknowledging sponsors
  • Leading a team on the day – leadership and management tools that can motivate and inspire your team, even if they are not your usual direct reports
  • Dealing with last minute program changes
  • Managing suppliers on the day, including venue staff and AV
  • Dealing with difficult customers

14.45     Afternoon tea


  • Determining what worked and what didn’t – which aspects would you repeat?
  • Developing feedback forms for attendees and follow up emails to help your analysis
  • Measuring the event against your original metrics for success, including financial success, customer / client / staff satisfaction and experience
  • Getting feedback from the main stakeholders and applying it to future plans
  • Creating a clear, relevant and concise post-event evaluation document
  • Some case study examples of corporate events, and some case studies from audience members

16.00     Close of masterclass

An ‘events kit’ will be provided to all participants, complete with checklists and example plans. These will include, but won’t be limited to, the following: project plan, AV order, catering order (BEO), example speaker / MC / entertainment contract, speaker / MC brief, runsheets for staff (2 or 3 different types, depending on the event), post-event analysis document.

The masterclass will be conducted using a combination of presentation material and group exercises; maximising your learning potential. Please note that the masterclass content will be tailored to participants’ individual needs so the length of each session may vary. Refreshments will be served at appropriate times, including morning and afternoon teas and lunch.

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